Selectively Anonymous Transactions

Photinos empower users to selectively and securely share personal information - colors - with merchants and friends. From completely anonymous to selectively anonymous transactions, any shared information can be cryptographically verified without violating the privacy of users.


Transactions Implemented by Exchange of Photino

Based on a new cryptocurrency, Photino, the network is fully secure, private and anonymous. Photinos may be colored by users to carry personal information that may be easily verified by an open collection of validators.


Easy as sending messages.

Pay your bills, make e-commerce purchases with taxes and report tariffs. Provide only needed private information, securely.


Best in class secure servers and best practice cryptographic construction


Users only share the exact information needed and can withhold personal details

Verifiable & Auditable

All transactions are verifiable and auditable on the blockchain to authenticate transactions


Securely and privately add personal information—colors—to Photino transactions

Platform Features

Anonymous decentralized network supports selective anonymity

Photino’s decentralized network ensures the underlying transactions are anonymous between users and applications.

Users can selectively add different personal identity attributes to the transaction.

The network provides the basic framework and API's needed to trade value and utility in a secure and selectively private way by the use of Photinos, thereby enabling a secure private and auditable online marketplace.

Platform Features

Photino enabled transactions can contain color.

By using zero knowledge mechanisms to communicate personal data between users and applications users can add preferences generated from external data providers to the transaction.

Photinos provide various templates for sharing different types of preferences generated for a user and puts the user in control.

Platform Features

The Photino platform supports offline transactions

Photino technology allows two mobile devices to transact using Photinos directly without using a blockchain as an intermediary. This allows the network to support millions of transactions without adding any additional latency due to blockchain interactions since these are relegated to an asynchronous update process. The hashing and consensus based work is reduced so as to offer a green, efficient and fast transaction network.

The network endpoints on mobile devices create connections that act as a private payments mechanism between two users which will be recorded on the blockchain at a later time.

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