Photino, delivering the future of crypto-technology today

Leveraging the latest in advanced technology, Photino is designed to enable a range of transactions, from simple economic exchanges to complex multi-factor verifications, all while maintaining security and privacy of the parties involved.


Introducing Photino, cryptocurrency evolved

Building on the historical foundation of electronic payment systems and digital currencies, Photino was designed to use proprietary forward-looking technology to advance cryptocurrency toward its ultimate potential.

Photino addresses structural cryptocurrency challenges today, and tomorrow

Utilizing proprietary technology, Photino's processing and verification latency is constrained only by the limits of the underlying network, and thus can match or exceed the speed of any existing payment system

Photino relies on robust encryption algorithms which, rather than becoming attenuated, actually increase in strength as the network grows, adding nodes and processing power and building additional user and network security

 With an asset-backed off-ramp coin as well as a belt-and-suspenders support regime incorporating asset reserves and an algorithmic central bank function, Photino is designed to provide long-term stability, store of value and transactibility

Zero-knowledge proofs allow Photino to transmit contextual transaction information while preserving privacy and anonymity of all parties, allowing users to own and manage their own data

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