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Decades of innovation and hundreds of patents granted

We're a team of developers, researchers and innovators dedicated to the creation of human-centric technologies in the sensor, algorithm and data spaces. The Photino.io team is always working on the next generation of life-changing technologies.

Shamim Naqvi, President, Founder

Dr. Shamim Naqvi is a well-known industry visionary and technology entrepreneur. He has been a pioneer in wireless networking technology and his companies are often credited with introducing new inventions and technologies to the marketplace. He is presently serving as the President and Founder of Photino.io, a company offering a new cryptocurrency technology.

Prior to Photino.io, he served as the Chairman, CEO and Founder of Aylus Networks, a startup company funded by Matrix Capital Partners, Northbridge Venture Partners and m8 Capital. Aylus Networks developed a new technology to ``blend" video services into an on-going voice call, thus introducing video telephony to the smartphone market in 2005.

Prior to Aylus, Dr. Naqvi co-founded and became Chairman of Winphoria Networks, a Cellular Push-to-Talk and wireless SoftSwitch company now part of Motorola Corporation.

Prior to Winphoria, Shamim founded Logical Information Machines that developed a hypothetical reasoning engine for energy markets, that was acquired by Morningstar.

Dr. Naqvi has served as Vice President of Software Research and Bell Labs Fellow at Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies. He is credited with the development of the breakthrough Lucent Softswitch and Motorola's CDMA Push-to-Talk solution.

Prior to Lucent, he served as the Chief Scientist and Chief Technology Officer for the Internet Business unit of Bellcore (Telcordia), where he was responsible for some of its earliest e-commerce technologies such as Internet Advertising Servers, Billing for Micro-Transactions and Streaming Multimedia content. Dr. Naqvi has authored more than a hundred patents and has authored two textbooks.

More recently, he has patented mobile hot spot technology, airplay of video services, secure cryptographic communications, efficient blockchain technologies, selective anonymity in blockchain environments, and many other ground-breaking inventions.

He is a distinguished speaker and has presented and instructed at major universities around the globe, including MIT, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Rutgers and in Europe.

He is a Fellow of Bell Labs and of Bell Communications Research, a member of the Science Advisory Board of Motorola, and a distinguished professor of research at the departments of computer science at Rutgers University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Goutham Puppala, Principal Architect

Goutham is a technical leader with 25+ years of experience. He is one of the leading software architects and experts in blockchain technologies. He has an exceptional background in developing high-load, complex software and mobile applications across multiple platforms and languages.

Goutham helped build development teams from ground zero at Invisiblemedia and Nubay, both cloud based startups.

He also served as technical advisor and hands on researcher to projects at various startups/incubators including Bell Labs, Reefedge, Mail.com, Dialogic and successfully managed the engineering teams in launching new products.

Goutham has filed several patents in the area of high speed blockchain consensus mechanisms and biometric identification using zero knowledge systems.

Greg Parker, Head of Messaging and Networking

A highly qualified senior engineer and engineering manager with over 20 years of leadership and technology experience, holding degrees in Astrophysics, Computer Science and Mathematics. Extensive experience with managing and building successful first-to-market companies and teams. Extensive experience building and managing large, scalable systems in messaging, communications, telephony, security, entertainment, media, advertising, gaming, trading, energy, GIS, banking, scheduling, customer relationship management, billing, social networking, caching, content distribution and education.

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