COMPANY Passion for innovation in technology and finance

Photino's leadership and advisory team has a history of pioneering work in the fields of technology, communications, networking, cryptography, economics and finance.

Our Team

Shamim Naqvi

Founder and CEO

Jason Huemer

COO, Photino Platform

Dmitry Kroshka

Advisor, Business Development

Greg Parker

Head of Messaging and Networking

Goutham Puppala

Chief Architect

Gerry Lachac

Director App Development

Ren Wang

Advisor, Economics

Brando Brandolini d'Adda

Business Development Associate

Directors and Senior Advisors

Robert Raucci

Co-Founder and Chairman, Sensoriant, Inc.
Chairman, Photino Platform

John Friedman

Director, Photino Holdings

Richard A DeMillo

Director, Photino Holdings

David Henkel-Wallace

Director, Photino Holdings

Dee W. Hock

Senior Advisor

Thomas Graham

Senior Advisor

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